Headphone Holder

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  • Headphone holder available in two different sizes
  • for assembly on the first level
  • can be hung on the left or right
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Headphone holder short | long

Introducing the ultimate solution for all music lovers out there! Have you ever finished your keyboard session and found yourself struggling to find a place to put your headphones? Well, worry no more! Our headphone holder is the perfect accessory for you.
Designed to fit on all Blackpanther keyboard stands, this add-on is easy to attach to the arms of the 1st level of your keyboard stand. No screws or mounting material required! Simply place the headphone holder under your keyboard or tabletop before putting it down.
Don’t let tangled wires and misplaced headphones ruin your music experience. Get our headphone holder today and keep your headphones organized and within reach at all times.

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Headphone holder


Headphone Holder short, Headphone Holder long