Microphone holder -Iberoxo Suporte-Micro


  • Easy attachment to Blackpanthersystem stands or DJ tables.
  • Single component without side mount set, without mic clip.
  • Ideal for singer-songwriters: No need to transport multiple stands.
  • Simple installation: Directly fits onto existing Tubo rod.
  • Universally compatible with all standard mic clips.
  • Perfect for on the go or in the studio: Maximizes mobility and flexibility.
  • Also available as a set with side mount.
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Microphone holder -Iberoxo Suporte-Micro

The Iberoxo Suporte-Micro Microphone Mount is your go-to if you’re a musician looking for a sleek and compact way to secure and stabilize your mic without the hassle of lugging multiple stands to a gig. This cutting-edge kit snaps directly onto any Blackpanthersystem keyboard stand or DJ table as a side mount, making it an essential piece of hardware for any musician who values portability and adaptability.

Sold as a standalone component, this mic mount is a perfect fit if you’re already rocking a side-mount setup with the Iberoxo Braco and Tubo. Setup is a breeze: simply attach the specially designed mic mount to your existing Tubo rod. Then you can attach any standard mic clip that matches your mic to the boom. This provides the ultimate in compatibility and flexibility, ensuring that your mic stays put no matter where your tunes take you.

If you don’t have the necessary parts, we’ve got you covered with the Mic Mount, which comes bundled with the Iberoxo Braco and Tubo as a complete set, including both the Mic Mount and Side Mount (see also item number: 61523-001).

You’ll have everything you need for quick and easy setup.

Whether you’re recording tracks in home studios, lighting small venues, or owning the stage at major gigs, the Iberoxo Suporte-Micro mic stand is the first choice for any musician who values quality, stability, and mobility.

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Weight 0.94 lbs


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only microphone holder, can be universally combined with any microphone clip


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